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Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission

Levindale is a geriatric center and hospital dedicated to providing superior service for the aging, frail and ill in institutional, community and home settings. As an advocate for the elderly, Levindale accepts a leadership role in defining and developing, in collaboration with other agencies, a comprehensive continuum of nursing, medical and social services within the Jewish community of the Baltimore metropolitan area. Programs are operated within the values inherent in Judaism pursuant to Levindale's charter. As part of our Eden Alternative and Neighborhood Model programs, we are committed to creating an environment that promotes the celebration of life. L'Chaim (To Life)!

Our Vision

Levindale will expand upon our capacities to be the leader of the community's post-acute and elder care service continuum. We will continue to be committed to developing and providing innovative services for residents and their families in organizational and community settings.

As part of our vision, we embraced the 10 principles of the Eden Alternative philosophy and continue to turn the Neighborhood Model into a reality. We will continue to find fresh, inventive ways to bring variety, spontaneity, empowerment and companionship into the daily life of our community.

Our Values

  • Our existence is built on Judaic values and beliefs.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of quality care and excellence in service.
  • We hold respect for people.
  • We deliver care in a cost-effective manner.
  • We will serve the needs of the community.
  • We are dedicated to advancement through education and research.