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Long Term Care

Long Term Care at LevindaleAs an Eden Alternative facility, Levindale focuses on more just than the immediate health care needs of our residents; we are invested in their quality of life. Levindale’s long-term care units are equipped with subacute rehab and skilled nursing staffs, which allows us to focus on enhancing our residents’ physical vitality as well as their emotional well-being.

Residents receive physical, occupation, speech and recreational therapies as needed, and their families are updated about more than just their medical status – they are also updated about how well their loved one is adjusting to life in long-term care. Families are members of the interdisciplinary treatment team.

Levindale’s status as an Eden Alternative facility is also a testament to its values and heritage as a Jewish health center, an environment that fosters a true celebration of life.

Levindale not only adheres to kosher standards, it exemplifies the Jewish values of family and community. The long-term units prioritize residents’ lasting comfort and wellness by:
  • Allowing residents to live or visit with their beloved pets, including dogs, cats and even birds
  • Building a greenhouse and providing a horticulture therapy program so residents can plant flowers and vegetables
  • Holding art and music therapy sessions
  • Developing kibbutzim (small groups), which allows residents to build new friendships

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