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Food Services at Levindale

Food Services at LevindaleAt Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, our dietary staff ensures that all menus are not only nutritious but delicious. The Food and Nutrition Department does this, while fulfilling each individual's unique dietary requirements.

In keeping with Jewish law, all food at Levindale is kosher. This means milk and meat is always separate. In addition, no shellfish or pork products are served.

Meals are served in our dining rooms, unless residents choose to stay in their rooms. There are hostesses and hosts so that our residents can enjoy a dining experience similar to that of a restaurant. They can choose from a daily menu or make special requests.

Clinical dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy to all patients and residents at Levindale. Registered dietitians assist in medical plans of care by providing assessment, education and follow-up recommendations. Levindale's dietitians maintain registration and state licensure through the American Dietetic Association.