Nursing Vision

The actions and decisions of our nursing staff are guided by our SPIRIT Values:


Best Practices

The Department of Nursing Services at Carroll Hospital is committed to providing excellence in patient care through best practices. Our focus on teamwork, accountability and evidence-based practice lends itself to satisfied patients and happy nurses.

Positive Environment

Through these fundamental beliefs, our goal is to foster a positive environment for providing high-quality patient care, as well an environment that allows our nurses to thrive and excel in their profession. Respect, teamwork and collaboration are our values.

Commitment to Patient Care

Our nursing staff actively participates in statewide care collaborative efforts to better achieve excellence in patient care outcomes. The latest equipment and technology in electronic medical records, nursing documentation and bar code scanning of medications further enhances our patients’ safety and care.


All nursing units are led by a nursing manager or director committed to supporting both quality patient care and the needs of our nursing staff. In addition, Patient Care Coordinators on each inpatient nursing unit and each shift serve as another valuable resource for our nurses. It is our belief that strong leadership and shared governance helps foster a positive, unified team of nurses on each unit.