Diabetes Education

We offer one-on-one diabetes instruction and group classes to help you manage diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs

The cornerstone of our educational programs, this course helps patients gain a more detailed understanding of their condition and learn important self-care skills — the keys to better diabetes management and prevention of debilitating side effects. A team of certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and registered dietitians, all of whom have advanced training in diabetes care and education, provide instruction privately or in a group setting.

One-on-One Diabetes Instruction

If you prefer personalized education, our self-management course offers one-on-one instruction that includes an introductory two-hour session and several follow-up sessions (the number may vary depending on your insurance coverage). As part of the course, you will:

  • Learn more about the different types and causes of diabetes
  • Find the best strategies to prevent serious, long-term complications
  • Master important self-care skills, such as blood glucose monitoring, managing medications, foot and skin care and stress-reduction techniques
  • Receive meal planning and nutrition guidance based on your needs and preferences
  • Set measurable goals to improve your quality of life
  • Receive regular feedback on your progress

Please note that Medicare will not pay for private instruction, but will pay for our group classes below.

Living with Diabetes - Group Classes

Our group classes offer a comfortable, supportive setting where patients can learn more about their condition and how to make important lifestyle changes. Group classes include:

  • An initial one-hour, private assessment where you’ll receive a brief physical exam, instruction for using a blood glucose (sugar) monitor and a food diary to complete before your first group session
  • Four group sessions lasting two hours each in which you'll learn detailed information about diabetes, nutrition, self-care and prevention of long-term complications
  • Three months after completion of the class, you’ll return for a private, one-hour session to assess progress and reinforce educational information

In addition to the classes offered above, we offer a number of other programs to help those with diabetes, including:

For more information about diabetes education offered at Carroll Hospital, please call 410-871-6957.