Testimonials - The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute

Jim, Suzanne and Kathy StevensonDr. Foreman,

We wanted to thank you for the help that you have given to our family as we struggle to deal with my daughter Katherine and her disabilities and my husband's more recent diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease. [Arranging your separate schedules to allow] us to put visits for both Jim and Kathy on the same day has truly been a blessing for all of us.

Thank you so much,
Suzanne S.

I am very pleased with the care that I have received from Dr. Adrian Goldszmidt, Dr. Robert Roby, and their offices since I have become a patient at Sinai.

About a year ago, I had symptoms that caused me to call 911. Fortunately, I was taken to Sinai Hospital. Because I had stroke-like symptoms, I was admitted to the stroke unit, and Dr. Adrian Goldszmidt came to see me.

Dr. Goldszmidt determined that I did not have a stroke, but he was concerned about my overall health and felt that my medication dosages were not correct. He made some corrections in my medications, and I went home after two days with instructions to see my primary care physician within the month.

Because I had difficulty accessing my primary care physician as well as a neurologist in a timely manner at the healthcare system that I was using, I decided to see Dr. Goldszmidt in the outpatient clinic at Sinai.

From the very beginning, I felt that Dr. Goldszmidt truly cared about me as a person and wanted to take every step possible to get me on the road to recovery. He did not just look at one thing; he wanted to know about my total health and everything that was going on with me. He impressed me with his concern that I follow-up and get proper care and reassured me that if I did get the proper care, I would not end up being an invalid. Lastly, I had confidence that he was going to follow-through with me until we "checked everything on the list."

I asked Dr. Goldszmidt to refer me to a primary care physician, and he suggested that I see Dr. Robert Roby, who is also at Sinai. I am also very pleased with my experiences with him and his clinic. He has seen to it that I have received tests that I should have received previously but that my prior physician did not order. He and Dr. Goldszmidt also took the time to talk with me and explain what they were doing and why they were doing it.

All patients really want from their physicians is the feeling that the physicians care about them and that they will take the time to explain things to them. I have received this kind of attention at Sinai and am very glad that the physicians there will be providing my care.

Mary S.