Non-Surgical Options

LifeBridge Health's Spine Centers offer outpatient programs that focus on non-surgical techniques to optimize function and manage back and neck pain.

Conservative treatment plans may include:

  • Acupuncture: A system of Chinese medicine that corrects energy imbalances within the body. Very thin needles are placed strategically into the skin to alleviate pain.

  • Biofeedback: A treatment option that involves learning relaxation techniques, stress management, and pain-coping skills.

  • Injections: Medications and heat or cold treatment can be given through injection procedures that involve placement of a needle or similar probe into or near a part of the spine. Injections may relieve pain and swelling and are considered an supplementary treatment that facilitates participation in an active exercise program.

  • Medications: Generally given orally, medications are given to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, control muscle spasm, and correct sleep problems. The goal of medication is to allow participation in an active rehabilitation program that promotes healing and a return to back health.

  • Physical Therapy: The specific needs of the patient are evaluated when developing a physical therapy program. Trained physical therapists guide patients through a customized treatment program that may include body mechanics, stretching, strengthening, conditioning and aquatic exercises.




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