Advanced Stroke Treatment at LifeBridge Health

To provide the best possible care and best outcomes for our patients, LifeBridge Health has established a stroke-management “NeuroRescue Network,” with the goal to decrease complications from the disease while increasing the efficiency of care. Patients with stroke require special attention and testing, especially because the minutes after a stroke are crucial. These patients often have multiple health problems that require continuous medical attention to reduce the risks of future strokes. The network's streamlined system allows patients to benefit from faster treatment and discharge to a rehabilitation program, all at a lower cost. Such dedicated stroke units and specialized care are associated with decreased lengths of stay, institutionalization, dependency, and death.

The Primary Stroke Center at Sinai Hospital was the first center in the state to deploy RAPID software, and the LifeBridge Health System is the only hospital system to have RAPID deployed at all of its facilities. The RAPID (RApid processing of Perfusion and Diffusion) system allows for comparison of MRI and CT perfusion studies to determine the amount of brain tissue that can be treated and saved.

RAPID technology allows LifeBridge Health practitioners to treat patients, who would otherwise likely be left with significant speech, language, and health deficits. Our use of this breakthrough technology avoids unnecessary transfers, enhances patient experience, and improves overall quality of care for patients with signs and symptoms of stroke.

The LifeBridge Health Stroke Center of Excellence includes the following interdisciplinary components:

  • Focused, interdisciplinary stroke team that ensures appropriate protocols are employed to support early diagnosis and optimal intervention
  • Highly qualified neurologists and neurointerventionalists who provide 24/7 coverage
  • Specialized acute care delivered by stroke specialists during the critical early recovery stage
  • Use of advanced interventional approaches that incorporate leading-edge technologies to support improved outcomes
  • Participation in clinical research trials to support early adoption of promising stroke technologies and clinical practices
  • Formalized screening and education programs that raise awareness of stroke
  • Integrated rehabilitation program that provides customized patient support and increases compliance with preventive therapies
  • Quality improvement program that focuses on streamlining processes to bring evidenced-based care safely and rapidly to the patient

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To make an appointment with a physician in LifeBridge Health’s Primary Stroke Center, call 410-601-9515.

To make an appointment with a physician at Carroll Hospital's Stroke Center, call 410-871-7000.