About the Division

Division History

When it opened its doors in 2007, The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute established a Division of Neuropsychology so that its practitioners could provide cognitive evaluations to patients referred by neurologists from within the institute and from the general Baltimore community.

The division expanded in 2011 and again in 2013 to provide cognitive behavioral intervention services for patients referred by physicians in the LifeBridge Health system.
In 2017, the name of the division was changed to the Division of Adult & Pediatric Medical Psychology to reflect the more diversified clinical psychology services offered within the LifeBridge Health System. These subspecialty services are:

  • The Clinical Neuropsychology Service conducts neuropsychological evaluations of pediatric and adult patients who are referred from within LifeBridge Health and from the general community to address diagnostic concerns and assist in developing treatment plans.
  • The Health Psychology Service provides cognitive behavioral intervention to individuals who are struggling to cope with neurologic symptoms or chronic pain and are referred by LifeBridge Health neurologists and physiatrists.
  • The Rehabilitation Neuropsychology Service conducts neuropsychological evaluations and provides health and behavior treatment to individuals who have cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulties that result from brain injury or other acquired neurologic illness. Most of these individuals are referred from within the Berman Brain & Spine Institute.
Division Mission
  • To meet the health-related psychological needs of patients by providing exceptional clinical care that is informed by scholarly knowledge.
  • To provide training opportunities in a medical-center setting for psychology and medical students at the pre- and post-doctoral levels.